Green Energy Barrier from DeBell

  • Green Energy Barrier® is a high-tech reflective attic foil insulation that keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. A cost-effective investment, this radiant barrier will stop your air conditioning and heating systems from working overtime, thus reducing your monthly electric bills and improving the energy efficiency of your home. While other insulation products may allow your home to resist the effects of heat, our system actually reflects heat away from your house during the summer and into your home during the winter. The advanced technology that Green Energy Barrier® uses is the same high quality radiant heat barrier that NASA’s top astronauts rely on during their space walks to protect them from the extreme temperatures in space. That alone, signifies this technology’s value.

    Protecting Your Home’s Environment Keeping the interior of the home comfortable is a top priority for many homeowners. You want your house to be a refuge from the elements, not a reflection of how hot or cold the weather has become. During the summer, your home’s shingles heat up and radiate through the attic, forcing your air conditioning unit to work overtime. Likewise, winter weather causes heat to rise, leaving your house through the attic. With Green Energy Barrier’s radiant barrier, you can prevent this by ensuring that both hot and cold weather have little impact on your home’s interior temperature.

    Benefits Green Energy Barrier is an eco-friendly highly effective reflective foil insulation that creates a more comfortable home environment while saving you a significant amount on your utility bills. This thin lightweight foil does the same job as a seven-foot thick piece of conventional insulation!

    Easy Installation In addition to providing a reliable solution, Green Energy Barrier® is easily installed by itself or over the insulation your home already has. Or, we can staple the radiant barrier beneath your home’s rafters and within its crawl space. Regardless of how much insulation you have in your attic, adding Green Energy Barrier will still generate savings on your heating and cooling costs. In total, installation takes less than a day and will immediately impact the comfort and cost-efficiency of your home!